Don’t let someone get hurt because your lights are out

Well designed, installed and maintained parking lot lighting is the most visible sign of your commitment to public safety. Poorly-lit parking lots and walkways are an open invitation to theft and other criminal activity. Well-lit areas deter crime and reduce accidents so your tenants and visitors feel safe on your premises. Property owners and managers cannot afford to be derelict when it comes to security and outdoor lighting maintenance, and nothing has such an immediate effect on the value of a commercial or industrial property as well-designed and properly maintained parking lot lighting.

Height often makes reaching light fixtures a problem for your in-house staff to handle. Outsource that task to us; we run two bucket trucks on regularly scheduled parking lot lighting maintenance and emergency repair.

We provide:

  • Fast response and on-call emergency service

  • Immediate results with well-stocked trucks for parts and lamp replacement

  • Clockwork performance of routine scheduled maintenance

  • Planned seasonal timer settings for changing sunlight hours and holiday schedules


Contact us today for details on a custom-tailored plan that keeps your properties properly lit and as safe as possible.

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